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  • Brent Lindstrom

Space Command, The Next Generations

Hey folks, I've got a partial rough draft script for a SNL styled short that sounds kind of fun to me. The problem is, I'm not very political, and I don't have much time. The only way this is likely to get made, is if I find some folks who would like to work with me on it as a fun diversion.

U.S.S. Donald

There will not likely be any financial compensation to this, unless we sell the finished product. I was planning on just posting it on YouTube and seeing if it got noticed, but if someone wanted to shop it around after it was completed, I'd be open to discussing it.

Resources to film this:

1- 3d Blender models of the ships currently included in the script

2- A partial Rough Draft Script

3- A small portable studio.

Needed to film this:

1- Anyone willing to help with the script

2- Anyone willing to act and imitate political and fictional characters (improv skill would be fun)

3- Anyone willing to work as crew


The idea is that this will be a light-hearted spoof to making fun of anything and everything, with no political agenda in any direction. I would like to keep this at a PG rating, so I'd like to keep language and sexual content clean.

In a nutshell, Captain Donald Trump is on a mission to get re-elected, but first, he must put up a wall across the Neutral Zone, Battle Bernie Sanders and his crew of Millenials and Generations Nexters, and generally strive to make space great again.

If you'd like to collaborate, meet new people, or just have fun, let me know. I'm a self-taught film student, and am making shorts to grow my skillset. I was going to finance this completely, but I've gotten distracted by a different project, so this one will likely only get made if you have enough interest to help make it happen.

If we get to shoot this, it will most likely be done in Utah County.

So if you're interested email me at and I'll put together a group through Gmail, share what I have written so far, and we'll get something made.


Brent Lindstrom, aka BC Crow

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