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1 For The Money 2 For The Soul

Casting call for my next short film, One for the Money, Two for the Soul.



This is a futuristic vintage styled comedy/action piece, a prologue to my forthcoming novel. This will be shot in two parts, due to location availability.

One For The Money, Two For The Show (prologue) Non-Union Independent  / student Short Film (15 minutes) 16:9 HD/4k Production location: Part 1 - Lehi; Part 2 - Springville/Lehi Production Company: Light Minded Arts Company website: Director/Producer: Brent Lindstrom Email: Compensation: Yes


Auditions: No audition necessary

Please email CURRENT photo.

Shooting Starts/Ends: In April TBD (Depending on location and actor availability)


Please email CURRENT photo.

Shooting Starts/Ends: June 4th


"One For The Money, Two For The Soul (Prologue)" is a short film, wherein Analise Bergan, a religious correspondent for a large news corporation, is invited to interview Dr. Winchester Hintin, a scientist who's been pioneering the science of transplanting souls into pre-aged clones. He wants to unite religion and science, but Ms. Bergan might not be so cooperative.

Characters Still needed

Sam/Sammy: Is a young man or woman who was in a car accident, and is now the subject of Dr. Winchester’s experimentations. any gender, age between 16-25, small and thin, to look as young as possible. $300 (for part 1 and the first day of Part 2, June 4th)

*Nurse 1 - female, any age, preferably able to fit into size 4 outfit (since I already bought this for one nurse and they backed out) $100 (for 1/2 day in April)

*Nurse 2 - any gender, any age, must be good with young children $100 (for 1/2 day in April)

*Nurse 3 - any gender, any age. Will have a small line of dialog $200 (for 1 day on June 4th)

Crew: (April 1/2 day)

*P.A. 1 - This will be a bare bones skeleton shoot. You'd be helping with anything and everything from grip to lighting to prop management and continuity. $100

*P.A. 2 - (Same as P.A. 1.) $100

*Hair and Makeup - Standard film makeup, plus giving someone 2 looks: a healthy version and a scarred version. $100 + kit

Crew: (June 4-5, and maybe the 6th)

*Boom operator - $600

*Gaffer - $600

*1st AC - $600

*P.A./Script Supervisor - $600

*Hair and Makeup - $600 + kit (standard makeup)

More about this production:

This project is my 3rd short film. I'm basically a self-taught film student, and am using these shorts as a way to build my experience, and if it turns out well, I might submit to a film festival or use it to promote a book I’m writing, but no guarantees.

Since locations aren't all available when I need them, I'll be splitting this production into 2 parts.

Part 1 will be mostly background, and will not require serious acting skill.

Part 2 will be the main production, with segments being done on either a greenscreen or bluescreen to mesh with Part 1.

Whether this ends up on YouTube or somewhere else, everyone participating will be able to receive either a digital copy in either USB, DVD, or Downloadable version if they want it.

If you'd like to audition/apply, please email me at

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