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  • Brent Lindstrom


For fun this year, my wife and I decided we'd plan out our church group's Christmas Party. It was a lot of fun. Also, this was probably the first chance anyone got to see my writing performed. Yes, I actually wrote a Christmas program to go with that party.

Not only was it a success, but I got to make a complete fool of myself. That might be unfortunate for some people, but for me, I just thought it was fun. This is because I got to sing a song that I've been dying to try.

Now don't assume that I'm a good singer. This is actually the only song I've ever been able to sing. The only reason I can sing it, is because nobody is worried about me being off key. This song was originally performed by Mona Abboud on the Johnny Carson Show. I had to change some of the lyrics to make it more appropriate for a church setting. Also, there is no sheet music available for this, so I had to ask my neighbor, a very talented musician, to listen to it and try to re-make it.

I won't post my whole program here, because I don't know if the other performers would be willing to give their permission for that. But for no other reason than I might like to spread a little innocent Christmas cheer, even if it is at my own expense, I hope you enjoy this.

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