• Brent Lindstrom


ISBN 978-1943239078

This one is different and a little weird

In a small rural community in war-torn Asia, people live in fear of poverty, sorcery, and wild creatures. Among these wild myths is a mysterious bloodthirsty killer known in most circles as The Hangman of the Woods.

Every child is warned not to venture into the woods. The witches and their equally hated rivals, the believers, are known to frequent the dense stretch of forest. But none is as feared as the hangman. The witches and believers may have spells to bind you to them, but at least they usually let you live.

Few have seen the hangman and lived to tell about it. That is all about to change in this inspiring adventure of a young man and his quest to understand himself, his world, God, and yes, the Hangman of the woods.

No coming of age novel is quite like this. One boy's quest to become a man, discovering who he is, his place in the world, even a little about God. The world is what it is, but it won't stay that way forever.

All I can say, is good luck. Some people really like this book, others get thrown for a loop. You can find out for yourself, since it is totally FREE here.

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