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Paige Briscoe - Illustrator

So often we focus on the writers of our books. Many books however, would be nothing if not for their illustrators. Nowhere is this more true than in children's literature. We've featured the Utah author, Leslie Zimmerman, now welcome her extraordinarily talented illustrator, Paige Briscoe.

Sadly, Paige decided to move out of Utah. A Provo native, she now calls Montana home. Yes Montana is beautiful and we're sure you had good motives--never mind that though, we still welcome you here. We'll claim you as a Utah Illustrator, even if you have moved out--for now.

Paige is not only a wonderfully dedicated mother and wife, but she also has a spitfire determination to achieve. Maybe this is because she has found her passion and wants to make it succeed, or maybe it's just a product of being the youngest of seven kids. As those of us from large families know, sometimes you have to throw your elbows to get food at the dinner table, especially for the youngest.

Just goes to show that you can still be the "Sweetest stinking thing who has ever walked the Earth" (-L.Z.) without sacrificing your determined spirit.

Case in point:

Dream Big

When Paige's youngest was just a few weeks old, Leslie contracted her to do the illustrations for her book. In under one month, with a newborn, Paige finished all the illustrations. Not bad.

Blue House Publishing is happy to welcome Page Briscoe, a Utah Illustrator (almost), to our growing family of talented creators.

It's hard to rate an illustrator the same way we might a movie or a book, but if a picture/painting truly can tell a thousand words, why not.

Her adorable paintings that children and parents will love.

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