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  • Brent Lindstrom


A lot of people scoff at dreamers. Even I once felt ashamed to think that I was a dreamer. But then I learned a very distinct and important perspective.

What dreams are worth living to you?

Being a dreamer is a good thing. Dreams are where hope springs from. But herein lies the problems. If you have your head in the clouds all day, then you don't ever accomplish much. The best dreamers are the ones that not only have an idea, but act on it. There is no contradiction between "Dreamers" and "Doers". If you're a dreamer, you can still be a lazy butt, or an ambitious achiever.

The hardest thing I've found is that sometimes when you have a dream, the money won't immediately follow.

This isn't bad, unless you need money to come of it. Sounds like a lot of writers I've heard of. Maybe you're one of them. Maybe I am too. I'm not one to give advice, but I think you can have it all. Do what makes you happy. Do what really inspires you. So what if you have to clean kitchens at the local restaurant to pay for your meal while your dream is still swallowing all your time and nickels. Walt Disney never had it as easy as you may think. Life is an adventure, and if you don't enjoy the ride, then it's a pretty lame adventure. Follow your dreams. Be smart about it, don't sell the farm and blow it all like the prodigal son, but don't give up on the idea either. Even if nobody buys my books, I'm going to keep writing them. My goal is to be a great storyteller. Then someday down the road, I think I'm going to turn them into movies, even if nobody cares to see those. I can't afford it now, but I'm making the plans now to do it someday, and hey, I'm having a great time doing it! This is my daughter. She's two years old in this picture. She's so full of dreams. When do those dreams disappear? For me I hope they never do. For you, I hope the same.

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