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A some years ago, my wife brought home a little children's book. This self-published book by Leslie Zimmerman was cute and fun. It wasn't made for mass production, and most of the copies, from what I understand, were donated to children's foundations.

Fast forward to today, I was approached by none other than Leslie herself, (or maybe we approached her) asking if Blue House Publishing would like to help her publish her next book, but for the masses this time.

We are now proud to represent this wonderful artist. You'll find, like we did, that she has a rich and diverse personality that makes her much more than just a great author.





I believe that in life no one is immune to hardship, but the more prepared a person is when approaching adversity, the more likely they will succeed in overcoming.​

Leslie Zimmerman

I wanted to serve my country from an early age, and through the example of my older sister serving as a United States Marine, I found my true calling as a combat medic in the United States Army.

After my deployments, a tour in Iraq, and having seen things most never witness, this calling has evolved. It is my goal, as both an author and veteran's advocate, to help children see and understand their innate value and realize their own strength. I'm opening dialogue between military families, non-military families, and their children about the stressful situations they are faced with.

I am also a wife, mother of three, and Utah native. As a family we spend most of our time in the mountains skiing, cycling, or camping. We live life fast, but take each day slowly, enjoying the moments of calm as they find us.

My favorite days are the ones requiring no laundry or dish washing. One day I aspire to make it a complete 24 hours without being asked for a snack.

Check out some of the delightful books written by Leslie Zimmerman. They're fun and inspiring.

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