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Brent Lindstrom - Storyteller

Updated: Mar 19, 2020

Are you fed up with the profanity and porn that fills our media today? We need more clean, family friendly storytellers.

Brent Lindstrom aka B.C. Crow


Hi, my name is Brent Lindstrom.

Having lived in Utah most of my life, you might say that I've known a lot of Christians. I, myself, am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I love me a good adventure novel or movie, but frustrations over content have influenced me to write adult type novels, but without the annoying sex and profanity that litter so many books today.

It's so hard to know what books will be filled with pornographic literature that many of my friends have felt pressured into young adult fiction, but I'm here to tell them: NOT SO FAST!  I've got what you've been asking for.  While these books might do just fine for the young adult crowd, I've tried to write them with adults in mind.

I've always enjoyed a good book and I've enjoyed writing.  At this time, I'm only able to write part time.  Some day, when I've had enough fun at my day job, I might hope to make storytelling more of a career.  My ambitions are currently to write about one novel per year.  Then hopefully as more people come to enjoy them, I'll shift gears and start a production studio, bringing all my stories to the big screen. So many people get stuck doing something their whole lives that they aren't passionate about. I say "Live your dreams!"

Growing up, my days were filled with all sorts of adventure.  Now I've given up my days of chasing pigeons under overpasses with home-made hoola-hoop nets.  As a world traveler, I have enjoyed being a pilot, scuba diver, outdoorsman, contractor, businessman, missionary, husband, father, and now a writer/filmmaker.  After having experienced so much and living life to its fullest, I still find myself daydreaming of the next big adventure.  This is when I realized that I have so much to offer.

My notebooks of story ideas contain more awesome ideas than I can possible hope to write in my lifetime.  Maybe I've got an overactive imagination.  Maybe I need to tell stories full time.  Regardless, I hope you enjoy the fruits of my imagination.  With any luck, it will spur your own to even higher realms.

Take a look at my books. Since the books I wrote as BC Crow were the literary works I cut my gums on, I'm happy to offer them to you for free. If you like them, just know that my books that follow get even better. If you don't like them, well, my following books are still better.

Thanks, and enjoy!


BOOKS - WRITTEN AS B.C. CROW (These are all offered for FREE, here on this website)

The Nephilim Series-


Hard Boiled Cabbage (The name of this one might still change)



Growing up in Happy Valley, (nicknamed for the predominantly Mormon population of Utah County) I spent a lot of time playing in the desert and mountains. I loved hunting, fishing, off-roading, and all sorts of outdoor activities. During High school I had the opportunity to go to the college and get my pilot certificate. The high school had a program that would help pay for the classes, if the classes contributed to the students career goals.

That was great, and I took full advantage of it, expecting to become and airline pilot someday. That is until I decided that I didn't want to be a bus driver in the sky. (No offense meant towards bus drivers or airline pilots.) So while I enjoyed the traveling, I didn't like all the sitting around.

When I graduated from high school, I served a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints, wherein I spent 2 years preaching the gospel in the Philippines. I remember it as one of the most spiritually uplifting and character defining times of my life. When you give up two years to serve God and love his people, you can't help but grow. My time in the Philippines is evidenced by my first three books, each of which visits the Philippines. When you read about those places and people in the Philippines, know that I'm actually fluent in their language, and there is often a lot of truth in my description of the area and culture.

One of the biggest things I took home with me from this experience was an awesome sense of humility. In the United States, we are spoiled, and are still never quite content. Over there, the people have next to nothing, and they are happy. Even without anything, they can and will still give you the shirt off their backs. I've actually witnessed this. It just goes to prove, that you can have it all, and still have nothing. You can also have nothing, and have it all.

Upon returning home, I went to college, got a degree from USU in Finance. During this time, I was working as a carpenter and a general contractor. After graduating, I went to work full time as a General contractor for Leisure Villas, building elegant communities for empty-nesters that are 55+ years and older. While working there, I took night classes until I got my MBA from WSU, and more importantly found the love of my life.

Now, still a full time general contractor, I'm married with two kids a boy and a girl. I'm still fully active in the church, and love to spend time with family. I believe that no worldly success can compensate for failure in your family.


Why did you start writing?


Well, a couple years ago, I had this mid-life crisis, or at least that's what my wife calls it. I had a wife and a little girl on the way, and I felt the over-whelming responsibility of needing and wanting to provide for them. I was doing all right as a contractor, but I wanted to provide better for them. I knew that down the road, my income would do better as a contractor, but I was working for a family company, and wanted something that I could call my own, a side business if you will, that might secure a little more financial flexibility. My problem was, that I didn't have any time to spend on a second job, not while giving the appropriate attention to my family that they needed. Writing was the only option I could find that I could do in my spare time at home, and not neglect my family.

What's the best thing about being a writer?


At first I wanted money, but now I really like creating stories. It's harder than it looks, and while I'm very proud of my first 3 books, I know they aren't my best. I haven't written my best yet. It's like I have a new challenge, something I can strive for. It's hard to explain, but there is a thrill in creating, and honing that creation skill.

What are you currently working on?


Check back often and you'll see. I'm finishing about one book every 18 months.

Where do your book ideas come from?


The Nephilim series came from me and my wife bouncing ideas across each other until I had a good story that I wanted to tell. Swing Low came from a weird dream that I had while working on the Nephilim Series. I keep a notepad with some of my more unique and interesting dreams and ideas. My wife often wonders at my ability to dream in story fashion. Hers are usually scattered, but mine often tell a story from start to finish. In the end, most of my stories come through an idea and a lot of hard work.

Which genre do you prefer writing and reading in?


My Nephilim Series is in the same spirit as the action/thriller writers like Clive Cussler, or James Rollins, but done in pulp fiction style like the John Carter novels. But I like to read several different genres myself, and I think that as my writing career develops, you'll find that I break the rules a bit, and cross genres in my writing too.

Do you think writing will ever become a full time gig for you?


Yes and no. It depends on how you look at it. I plan to go on, much like I'm doing now for the next few years, working in construction by day, and writing part time. At some point, I'd like to take all the books I've written and start a full time film studio, converting my stories into screenplays, and turning them all into movies. Maybe It'll work out, maybe it won't, but that's my dream.

Overall rating of my books on average



Language: PG- one or two mild swear words

Sexual content: G to PG very mild flirtatious romance

Violence: PG-13- Men and women fighting and killing

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