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It's been over a year since I've posted anything new here. What is going on with Light Minded Arts?

Not much, honestly.

Last year, around May/June 2020, we rolled cameras on a short film, inspired by my forthcoming book: One For The Money, Two For The Soul.

Editing this has been a long and arduous journey. It seems there is never enough time, and I'm using that film as a means to learn more CG skills. And as with all the work going into visual effects, the post production has become a massive undertaking, especially for one guy.

Add to that, the problems associated with life in general. Since I'm not able to make a living as a storyteller, yet, I still have my day job to worry about, plus family to keep. The good news is, that the two hardest scenes of this movie are nearly complete, and I hope to have all the serious visual effects done this year.

Also, I'm nearing completion on two other novels. One is the book that inspired the aforementioned short film, and the other is the beginning of a whole new series, my GearLock series, which is a cross between what I might consider a gear-punk novel (yes I think I made that genre up) and Noir (which I definitely did not make up). Delays on these books are due to the same reasons mentioned earlier. But the wait will be worth it. They are turning out amazing, so much better than anything I've published thus far.

Still, I'll probably not be posting much here this year, since the speed at which I'm going is a snails pace, and I don't care to bore my 2 readers with a bunch of droning nonsense (I've worked too hard to get you to read my stuff, I'd hate to lose you over mindless drivel). Needless to say, progress is still happening on all fronts, but hey, this is the age of Covid right? Why not blame my delays on that, like everything else.

So until I have more to report, have a great year, and don't forget about Light Minded Arts.

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