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Give Our Artists A Try

Much of what you'll find here is written by me, Brent Lindstrom. I I started with Blue House Publishing to experiment with creating my own brand of storytelling. 

My earliest work has been published under the Pseudonym of B.C. Crow. When I first published those books, I thought they were amazing. They were, too, for a complete beginner.


As my craft evolves and improves with each new book, I feel more inclined to offer my earliest books for free. I might even occasionally offer my new books for free for promotional reasons, but this way, you can give me a try, and hopefully forgive some of my rookie mistakes.

Of course, if you want a physical copy, you'll still have to pay for those. I can only give out the digital copies for free. You can find any of my books online, wherever books are sold. (If all downloads are not available, please check back occasionally.)